Grow up your newborn baby carefully


    Place the blanket on a flat surface and fold down one corner.
    Set the infant on the blanket facing upward with her head placed right above the corner that you have folded. This prevents the folded blanket from covering her face when swaddled.
    Pin the infant’s left arm at his side and then fold the left side of the blanket over his arm and across his body, tucking it under his right side. This keeps his left arm in place. TIps for you:
    Hold the baby’s right arm to her side and fold the right side of the blanket over her arm and body. Tuck it under her left side, over the top of her arm. This keeps her right arm in place and covers the baby’s entire body, except for her face and neck.
    Grab the bottom of the blanket and fold it under one side of the baby. Avoid pulling the bottom too tight because the baby needs room to his move hips slightly. When the blanket is pulled too tight on the hips, it can do permanent damage, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
    Place the baby to sleep on her back, as other sleeping positions are not considered safe, suggests the AAP.

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Question: What’s the Difference Between Baby, Newborn, Infant & Toddler?

Answer: On this site, the word baby means any child from birth to age 4. Newborn refers to babies under three months of age.
Infants are babies from three months to one year old. Toddlers are babies from one year to four years of age.

Parents are often surprised that their newborn has graduated, or are just as likely to miss this first graduation altogether.

Yes, graduating.

After week four, or day 28 to be more precise, your newborn officially becomes an “infant.”

With four weeks of parenting a new baby under their belts, new parents can view this as a sort of graduation too. They may feel like they are graduating from the days when they first came home from the hospital and may have been afraid they would “break” their baby every time they picked her up.

In their baby’s second month, many parents are much more comfortable and confident in their ability to take care of their baby.


And think about how much more confident you will be at your baby’s next graduation – when she becomes a toddler…

General definitions for the ages and stages of a child include:

    Newborn or Neonate – birth to 28 days
    Infant – 1 to 12 months
    Toddler – 1 to 3 years